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What is the best country to set up an offshore company?

There are many things to take into consideration while deciding the best jurisdiction for your offshore company. Offshore jurisdictions worldwide share a number of characteristics, such as fast incorporation procedure and no taxes for companies.

While these traits are important, investors should consider other factors before making the final decision. These factors include geographical location, special provisions targeting their primary business interests, and ease of access to other markets. Below, we provide a few popular offshore jurisdiction choices.

Cyprus – the location to look for if you are planning to base an offshore company in the European Union. Cyprus offers low corporate tax rates, easy company setup process, and low maintenance costs.

Hong Kong – not a tax haven or an offshore center per se. However, Hong Kong does have one of the most advantageous taxation systems in Asia.

Seychelles – without a doubt, one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions. It is suitable for multi-purposes and can offer ease, speed and simplicity of the incorporation. Requesting minimal officers is also a great advantage.

Malta – offers significant advantages for setting up a new company, having one of the lowest corporation tax rates, intellectual property rates, gaming tax rates, and VAT rates in Europe. Malta is an ever-growing location for investors in cryptocurrency and gambling.

United Arab Emirates – offering tax neutrality on international earnings concerning company or personal income, capital gains and inheritance taxes. UAE also has trade relations with the ACFTA (Africa), Egypt, Vietnam, Brazil, and China, while also offering a mature and accessible banking system with 50+ national and international banks, as well as access to a business-friendly and stable legal system.

There is such a diverse selection of offshore company jurisdictions that it might become a great challenge to choose the perfect option for you. Setting up your company requires thought, information processing, and attention to detail to ensure that you select the right option.


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