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Offshore Credit and Debit Cards


Whether you’re on a move or office-bound, the premium and super-premium cards will benefit you and your business. Designed for those who are looking for exceptional service, the premium and super-premium cards give you unlimited spending power, as well as access to a variety of exclusive events.

Say YES to the impossible

    Super-premium and premium payment cards come coupled with unique benefits. Consider it your personal assistant ready to help you with scheduling a business trip itinerary, sourcing a present for a friend, or simply setting up your social schedule. On top of that, the super-premium and premium cards grant you access to over 1000 lounges serving pre-boarding snacks, refreshments, and amenities.

Some of the perks of the offshore credit and debit cards:

  • - Spending limits of up to 75,000 EUR per day
  • - Cash withdrawal limits of up to 50,000 EUR per month
  • - Best value offers at the world’s top hotels
  • - Private jets chartered at supplier rates
  • - Airport fast-track & priority access
  • - VIP airport assistance
  • - Corporate events & VIP entertaining

Annual fees start at 500 EUR
The price for premium card starts at 1000 EUR

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Tailor-made solutions for your needs

We know that it is not easy to navigate in the offshore world, and we do not believe that there exists a one-fits-all solution.