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Montenegro Passport

Montenegro has established itself as one of the fastest-growing economies in the Balkans, attracting numerous investors and individuals seeking to improve their quality of life.

Key benefits

  • - Fast-tracked residency within 3 weeks
  • - Citizenship approval within 6 months
  • - Dual citizenship allowed
  • - Montenegro is listed for incorporation in the European Union by 2025.
  • - Visa free travel to over 116 countries

Citizenship by Investment Program

Montenegro is a hub of innovation, growth, and development. Also, the country features some of the most stunning sceneries worldwide. The strategic position, political stability, and economic independence make the country a solid choice for investors as it already hosts some of the greatest industries globally.

As a young, stable democracy with an open economy, investing in Montenegro is participating in a growing economy. You will enjoy taxation benefits in a business-friendly environment and a leading country in terms of tourism growth.

Montenegro is an attractive destination for a number of reasons:

  • - You are not required to have proficiency in Montenegrin or any other official languages.
  • - No obligation to renounce your current citizenship. The program allows for dual citizenship.
  • - You can include spouse and children below 18 years.
  • - Montenegro is a member of NATO.
  • - The strategic location of Montenegro.
  • - The country is a leading tourism destination globally.

Citizenship Requirements

Immigrants seeking to obtain Montenegro citizenship via the investment option must meet the following mandatory minimum requirements:

  • - Be a non-EU national.
  • - Have a valid Passport or another acceptable official travel document.
  • - Have a clear criminal history.
  • - Be an applicant via the authorized agents affiliated to this program.
  • - Obtain and submit all the required documents and meet the needed background checks and verifications.
  • - You can confirm the origin of your funds.
  • - Above 18 years.

Investment Options

All applicants seeking Montenegro citizenship by investment are required to make a 100,000 EUR donation to the government fund.

The applicant is also bound to invest in approved real estate projects. The required minimum investment depends on the location of the project:

  • - 250,000 EUR investment is required if project is based in the under-developed Northern region of the country OR
  • - 450,000 EUR investment is required if project is based in the rest of Montenegro.
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